Not Even Sure Who Lestatalk Is

But I thought I would be nice and leave this picture here!

Thanks for keeping an eye on it.
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Uh you're way cuter than oh I dont even know what to call him!

Its for lestatrises because he spells funny :D
Damit you mustached my group like Daffy Duck cartoon

I taint . Therefore i am a tainter

What exactly is "taint"

It could mean a couple things

Its that certain spot on a guy..I know that :D

True. Girls got them too :)

yeah..its called a vagina?

I believe it is the spot betwixt the junk and the booty. The context I was using it in refers to writting things and spoiling them for my own pure pleasure

<---------has no vagina.... has a vajiner or a vajajajajayjay

yeah the nuts and the butt that patch of skin..

She leveled up her vagina so now she has the vajiner and vajajajajayjay. When she takes her dentures out it is pure heaven in a bucket covered in bbq suace

Her vagina is an MMORPG character? You guys blow my little big head :/
Do you say yeah gum me baby?

Yeah. You should hear her when she gets really drunk. Outstanding catch phrases galore!

Ermagerd..I can imagine..shes interesting enough sober..

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Thanks I did it for Dente. She is mad at me because all these ladies think I am hot and I keep tellin her that shes the only warcraft player that I love! We stay up all night on raids and **** and drink sugar free redbulls and eat steak! That's right we have a common bond! She loves my stache!!!! Baby come back!

<--- will take you back but, only because there is a new expansion coming out and I want to level up

Fair enough. Lets kick some dungeon ***. I will buy the SF Redbull this time and some flaming hot cheetos just for the hell of it