I Love Licking Hot, Wet, And Juicy *****

As long as I could remember, I love going down and eat a woman *****. I love how it taste, the wetness, and the sight of a *****. At first, I start out with kissing her with a passionate kisses. My and her tongues would intertwined together. Run my tongue in every corner of inside of her mouth. Taste her saliva and tongue and suck her tongue with my lips as she does the same back to me. Then I would slowly move down toward and lick all around her neck. Love how her skin would taste on my tongue, and feels her soft skin. Continue down toward her hard on nipple on her breasts. I can feel her nipples rubbing on my chest, it feels so nice and hot. I would look at it before her nipple enter my mouth. I can see it so erected and hard, with all those goose bumps. Her nipple was begging for my mouth to lick it and bite it. My tongue started to lick the nipple and I hear her moan. Her hands were all over my hair and she was guiding my head. She was telling me to suck it hard and harder. When I sink my teeth into her nipple and she gasp with pleasurable pain. She move my head toward her other breast and do the same there. Sucking and licking it like I am sucking a bottle to get the milk out. I can feel her ***** getting more wetter. I place my hand on her ***** and felt all the juice all over my hand like I place my hand in the sink full of water. She was so dripping wet and juicy. My fingers was rubbing her ***** and heard her moaning loud. She push my head down to her hot, wet, and juicy *****. When I got down there, it was running a river. I was looking forward to drink all that juice. I love to feel the wetness all over my face and mouth. My tongue was licking her lips of her ***** and she moaned loudly. I used my fingers to pull back her lips and started to work on her ****. It was really swollen up and want my mouth over it to suck it up. I rubbed her **** with my lips, left to right and right to left, back and forth. She was pushing my face in deeper of her *****. I was feeling suffocating, but that is okay, I love it! The juice taste so sweet and salty. It is sooo warm and tasty. I was drinking it down like a juice. Then I was sliding my tongue into her *****, in and out, like a ****. Her hips was moving up and down with my tongue. She was still guiding my head. Her juice was running down to her anal, so I was licking up down there too. I love to lick anal as well. I kept licking her ***** and anal until she cummed into my mouth. I love how it squirted into my mouth and face. So ******* awesome!!
sprngfldman52 sprngfldman52 51-55, M 2 Responses Jan 4, 2013

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Please write to me .. We can skype if u like

nothing like a sweet wet *****!

Amen to that!