Oh Yes!

I am totally into licking clits. BUT, there is more to licking. Part those lips and locate her ****, embrace her **** with your tongue, pull it closer then "trap" it between your upper and lower lip. Once that is done, flick, tease, massage that beautiful little **** with your tongue. If necessary, take that little **** with your teeth and "trap" it again and eat the hell out of her until she **** and **** again.
ticklishsoles ticklishsoles
61-65, M
2 Responses May 7, 2012

It's really hot how you're tickled by both men and women but you know how to work a woman over. NICE 😍

YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! lol!

I so want to do this with you!

and I want you to do it to

I want totie you spreadeagle and devour you. You will *** again and again

I cant wait! im getting wet just thinking about it!

I want to make you evenwetter and wettw as I taste your ****!


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