Love Licking Dirty Male Feet; Dirtier The Better.

My foot fetish goes back an aweful long way, into my almost forgotten past wehn I would have sexual relationships with members of the opposite sex, I.E., females. Nowdays, I am, to all intense and purposes, 100% homosexual, though, actually for some kinks/fetishes, like feet, I'd probably still enjoy it with a female.
Anyhow, to feet, and male feet...
I've sadly not ever got to pleasure myself (and another man), by finding that many guys who are really* into feet, and having things done to them, but I have found a few guys over the years.

One guy in particular, I met a year or so back, and who lives sadly a little way from me, but we've gotten together a few dozen times for foot fun over the past year and whatever it is.

I've also found some guys don't like the idea of having someone doing things to their feet when they're dirty; this guy, luckily for me, particularly likes making his feet really dirty, for a sub to worship and lick, and serve them; He's quite into the whole dom/sub thing, which suits me a lot, as I can both have the oppertunity to worship and fetishise (is that a word?) his feet, whilst being submisive and he dominates me.

The last time we met, is sadly a few months ago before Christmas, we arranged to meet on a Sunday, and he came round, about a week after we started making arrangements, and ten days since he'd washed his feet.

I met him at the door, and we came into the house, passing the useual small chat, and as we both went to sit on the sofa, he just ordered me to the ground, which I did, in front of him.
I was ordered to start smelling his feet, but not yet unlace his shoes so I got down, and put my nose to his shoes.
Oh. Oh. yes!
Even through the shoes, and their leather smell, I could smell his feet, and my sounds clearly gave away that I was enjoying just the scent.
I was made to ***** knakered, he still fully clothed.
Then I was allowed to carefully remove his shoes, and wow. . the scent was certainly there now, in full force, and I'm immediately hard, my **** bouncing about in full view of him, he of course still fully clothed, minus his shoes.
I'm starting to swallow more frequently, as I'm getting arroused, and this with my hard ****, lets him know I'm horney already from just the smell of his feet; still in their socks.

then he suggests we go upstairs, and so he takes my ****; using it like a 'leash', and leads us upstiars to teh bedroom.

He removes some clothing then; his jacket, his shirt and his trousers, leaving him in his socks and briefs.

Again I@m knealing on the floor, and then he tells me to remove his socks.
Then I notice; he's got two pairs of socks on, I remove the top pair, and I'm leaking pre-***, as the smell moves up yet another notch.
By this point I'm begging, beggging to be able to see, and smell his nakered feet, and of course to be able to lick them.
He's starting to rub his **** a bit, through his knickeres, and then he gives me permision to remove the second pair of socks, but tells me not to lick, just to smell.

I smell every inch of his feet, from the ankles down, over the tops of his feet, towards the toes, then back to the ankle, and from the ankle on the underside, from the heel across the bottom of the feet, and the arch, to the toes again.

I do this on each foot, knowing I'm reserving the main scent, and object of my desire, the toes, to last, letting my torture last just a little longer.

Putting both feet together, heels lined up, I sniff along the bottom of the toes; across both feet, the area where the toes join to the foot.

I think I was almost ******* by this point, and I'd not even yet been allowed to lick them.

Then I was.
Again I start from the heel, and lick the underside of his feet, all the way up to, but not including the toes, again and again, on each foot I slide my tongue, covered in drool I'm drooling so much, licking up every inch and morsal of dirt, sweat and whatever else is on his stinky feet.
Then I tongue along the top of his feet, sucking in bits of skin from some areas, and ensuring I've licked everywhere.

Then I get to the toes.
I'm oozing precum everywhere by now, and its clearly turning him on, judgeing by the sounds he's making as my tongue and lips explore every inch of his smelly feet.

I lick along the area where the toes join teh feet; but don't go inbetween the toes, then I lick the ends of all the toes, then the tops, and I can't hold back and start licking madly, between each toe, taking each toe in turn into my mouth and sucking, grating my teeth on them sligly, to release more dirty and scent, and then I just tongue deeply between the toes, getting large bits of dirt, and more and more tasty and smelly sweat off of his feet.
Then I suck each toe again; this time letting my tongue remove all the built up dead skin from under the toenails; so tasty, and lick across the nails on each toe.
I'm making a lot of noise doing this, getting so turned on, so horney, and dripping more and more pre-***; then he tells me to ***, quickly, if I can, on his feet, before I have to take his **** into my mouth.
I take one foot into my mouth; taking in all the toes; and start rubbing my **** onto his other foot; all across the bottom of his foot, and along the toes, and I ***, so quickly... all over this feet...

I was so horney and turned on, I came buckets, and then I lick it all off for him, before I finish off his stimulation and give him a blow job....

I hope he's back in contact again soon, this last time was quite a while before Christmas now, when I think about ***.. Wish there were just more gay male people in my area, who I could get in touch with, who'd like me to service their feet for them..

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you were so damn lucky