I Love To Eat Girl's Nose Snot

i have a great desire of tasting girls nose snot and sucking the creamy jet which comes out from girl's nose. i experienced while i was in my high school. i used to so with one of my close friend who was studying with me. she used to let me insert my finger in her nose and let me pick all the snot inside her nose. while she had cold she used to give me the cream which tasted so sweet and salty that i miss till now. but the same i tried with my gf and she tasted better than anyone ever. her nose is so beautiful that i really love to eat her nose snot and any time anywhere. i got an opportunity to taste the snot of one lady while she cleaned her nose and left the tissue paper nearby. i grabbed it and just liked it . it was delicious.............
cool112 cool112
22-25, M
1 Response Sep 10, 2012

Psnd apne apne.I like your love.Send me some pic femail noze