Hidden Treasure

Mmmm love to go down on a woman, peel back her hood and reveal a nice-sized ****! Mmmm tease it to distraction manually, then kiss and suck it to climax.

Those so blessed with big clits - and large labia - should be proud of their hidden treasure - walk tall!


Seanchaidh Seanchaidh
46-50, M
4 Responses Oct 14, 2009

come see what my size is please?

I absolutely LOVE a woman with a large clitoris. Taking it between my lips and rolling it around. Then I suck it as far into my mouth as I can and diddle it with my tongue flicking it and sucking on it. Such a turn on to be able to pleasure a large clitoris. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think girls with big clits are very lucky, they can enjoy having sex with thier partner & reach the climax, cause i know exactly what does agirl with big **** means to her partner, cause my black african GF has abig **** just like the size of ababy penis. Girls with big clits should be very proud of themselves since they can enjoy having sex as it should be. keep it up you girls who are blessed of having small **** as ahidden traesure.

Well, yeah!!!<br />
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I can't believe nobody commented on this for this long!