Lick Me Till I Come

My wife had a sex-friend for several years and although we enjoyed MFM ********** with several other partners, she never invited him to join us in bed.

Her reason was that she wanted this man all to herself.

Knowing that she let other men to anything they wanted with her body when we had ********** -- **** her in the mouth or ****, come on and in her body, tie her up and blindfold her then screw her till she nearly passed out, take her in any number of positions -- I asked her what she liked so much about this man's sex that she wanted it all to herself, that she did not want me there to share it with her. She knew how much I loved watching other men make her come, how much I loved seeing her impaled on their *****, how much I loved seeing her sweet lips wrapped round another man's erect ****, urging it to come in her mouth. There had to be a bloody good reason she did not want me to join her with this man.

Her answer was that she loved being on all fours and having him kiss and lick her *****, fingering her anus while he did it. With no shame at all, she told me that he gave the best oral sex she had ever had, though she did admit that I was not too bad in that department. She loved him doing this to her so much that she did not want any distractions, that she wanted to concentrate totally on the sensations of this gorgeous man bringing her to ****** after ******.

Then she admitted that he too did not want any other men there when he ****** my wife. Apparently he had a smallish **** and was self-conscious about it. He obviously made up for it with his linguistic skills, as my wife laughingly described her sex sessions with him.

Imagining my wife on all fours, her arse up high and knees wide open, screaming as her lover licked her ***** gave me an incredible hard-on, and in any case I got to see other men licking her like this in our **********. Of course, I also got to enjoy my wife's body after he had pleasured her, got to see the marks he had left on her, got to smell the taste of his come on her body and in her mouth.

So I guess I have nothing to complain about.
grasser grasser
56-60, M
Aug 7, 2013