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Love It!!!

Ah, there's nothing better - got a friend who says she doesn't "do that" but once I start licking her *******, she can't stop moaning....  usually can't stop until I get her good a lubed up for a good *** **** - she absolutely loves it.  Awesome!

getoverit27 getoverit27 46-50, M 8 Responses May 18, 2010

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Yes I love the taste and smell of a woman's ***, ESP after a long hot day at work.

*** holes turn me on anytime!

I agree, its very hot and intimate and usually leads to intense and hot bareback *** ******* ! its great foreplay and even the i dont know type of women just melt and get lost in their zone and usually go nuts and just relax and love it !

to me nothing hotter than slowly licking her from head to *** i love it!!

the best thing on earth

I love and prefer an anal **** any day. The soft wet tongue preparing my *** for that tight hard **** can't be compared.

From the women that Ive met, they dont understand it until your tounge licks all the way down and somehow manages to slide in without them understand what just happened. By that time theyve grabbed on to the top of your head and thrusted you in deeper lol

I must admit I love it too.. especially if he could do wonders...believe me there is bad ones out there... but if a man knows what he is doing its heaven...

i want lick jour *** hole