Love To Tongue *****

You move your hands to my *** pulling my cheeks apart you see my anus a little brown pucker against my skin. You kiss on either side of it, and lick along my lower back and down each cheek till you are done tasting all the skin around my hole. You reach out with your tongue and begin to lick my little puckered anus. I inhale with the feel of you hot breath against my wet skin. You flick your tongue against my ***, licking up the water, and pressing your tongue at the tight opening. Pressing harder with your tongue you finally gain entrance to my tightest opening. Licking all along the tight circular muscle there to loosen it up. You take your tongue out of my *** and work your way further down till you reach my *****. Licking from my **** all the way to my ***. I press my *** back, bending over more to give you better access, at my ***** and ***. My face pressed against the wall of the shower, my hands holding me up, I bend over showing you my *** and ***** in one of the most lewdest ways. You move your tongue along me, licking up all my juices, ******* your tongue in and out of my *****, and playing with my **** with your fingers. You press 2 fingers up against my ***, pressing them deep into me, loosening up my hole. You lick and suck at my ***** while I moan loudly, pressed against the wall of the shower, with the hot water running down my back, as another ****** racks my body. I feel you press another finger into my *** as you continue with licking and fingering my **** and *****. Loving the feeling of you between my legs and inside me. I begin to beg for you to **** me against the wall of the shower. Without hesitation I feel you stand up, not wanting to stop eating me, but feeling your throbbing **** wanting to be inside me. You slide up my back, kissing along the way. You press, your **** against my ***, letting it pop past the muscle, you stay there letting my *** get adjusted to your length and girth. I feel one of your hands on my hips, and the other reach around me to play with my ****. You begin to move in and out of my ***, looking down to see your **** slide out of me, and then back in. Slow at first then working up to a speed where we both hear your hips slap against my ***. I feel your balls slap against my *****. I reach between my legs and squeeze them. I push back against you as you are ******* my *** and playing with my ****. I reach another ******, I don't come down from this one though, and go into continuous *******, screaming from the intensity of it, feeling my juices mix with the shower water sliding down my legs and on your fingers and balls. Just as I'm about to finally come down from my orgasminc high I feel you start to tense up behind me. ******* harder and faster in my ***. I look behind me at you; I reach back and pull you closer into me. You start to moan, as I feel your **** ******* inside of my ***, I feel you ***. Squirting your *** deep inside my ***, you slam deep inside me, and I press harder against you. I pull my *** away from me to slam back on you. Loving the feeling of you ******* deep inside me. You pull me back against you, kiss the back of my neck and turn my head to get a kiss on the lips. Check out our profile for more about us.
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3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

yummy story, bet your pink pucker is so hot

ok well I just *********** all over myself now I need A shower.

Hot! Very erotic!