I Love Licorice

Actually, it is my husband who REALLY LOVES LICORICE. Eight years ago I was ordering licorice for him from a man in NY and in the course of conversation I said, "If you ever decide to sell your business, let me know and I'll buy it.."

One week later I got a letter from the man offering to sell me his business. My friend said she wanted to go into business with me and when we told our husbands they loved the idea. We were all in our fifties at that time and who would have thought we would make a go of it. None of us had ever done anything like this online or in a retail shop. And yet today, we have the largest selection of black and gourmet type licorice in the United States.

After eight years, we are still excited and we still love licorice. Hope you will come visit us in Lincoln, NE or online at www.LicoriceInternational.com


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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Thanks for looking at the site. We really do love licorice and licorice lovers. As for opening another shop, one's enough! But I would love to visit France.

Somehow I feel a little tricked. It's Spam covered with a little sauce... I didn't flag you, perhaps someone else feels different.<br />
Being a true licorice addict I had a peek on your site, well done, nice collection! <br />
Can we open an office in France? ;)