"ALL That Glitters Is Not Gold?"

I am now retired but I think my greatest adventure is just a very short time away as we enter into the Age of MAD MAX....a time when man kind has just had enough of governments in general and would rather live the life of the old wild west across the whole planet.... This (if it happens) will not last because Anarchy allways is proceeded by a Dictator and then the whole process starts all over again... Thus Mankind as a species learns nothing in the end.  All I can say is that it promises to be exciting for those who love excitement and adventure.  For those who dread it; you better be looking for your rock to hide under now while plenty of rocks are still available.

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5 Responses Sep 3, 2009

I've also felt govenment systems are going to crash and in the near future say in the next 10 years or so. Then it will be those of us that are flexible and caring that will pull the world out of total chaos. Down with the business men they depend on us to support them.

its fantastic

I'll be there.<br />
Er... Where is there? <br />
When communications go down, how will I find you?

Forget rocks.. we need something more solid.. if anyone wants to join me, i'll be hiding away in my stealth.. its radar proof and we can make a quick get away and when this planet is no longer inhabitable, i'll be zipping out to another planet in my spaceship!!! Well if its a good enough plan for the elite.. Its good enough for me!

Too late. All the good rocks are taken.<br />
<br />
I've seen this one coming for about 20 years now. Not that anyone listens to me. And, silly me, I would have predicted somewhere around 2015 or so. But that calculation did not include the Bush factor.<br />
<br />
I heard one character recently predict that it will all hit the fan (complete, global collapse) as soon as October 1st, 2009. I suppose I'm as ready as I'll ever be (which is not at all). <br />
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If you know of any good rocks to hide under, would you let me know?