When Is Work Not Work?

This is my (our) third winter up here... in fact our third year here in north central British Columbia; about as remote as one can find.

To get here requires a plane, helicopter or a 110 km snowmobile ride which usually takes 2 days, stopping at one of the summer cabins for the night along the way.

We're working as caretakers for a mining company, watching over there camp during the 8 months of Fall, winter, Spring.

Aside from keeping the airstrip open, the generator serviced and running, and the snow from caving in the buildings; we have a lot of time on our hands.

We spend much of our time making repairs to the camp, studying and working out, so when its time for our summer duties, we'll be in great shape.

During the summer we assist a Geologist in his field work.  This entails 10 to 15 kl hikes each day.  The best are when we get dropped out 10 km via helicopter make our way back to camp on our own.

The alpine meadows we hike through are right out of a picture book; colourful wild flowers, Moose, Caribou, Wolverine, Marmot, Ground Squirrels, Ptarmigan all making the best of their short season to ready for the next winter coming all too soon.

We're so fortunate to have this wonderful place be in; so much peace of mind.

The only thing missing are a few more people; although niether of us have been strong people persons anyway..

Life is good

dweit4 dweit4
46-50, M
Feb 23, 2010