A Little Thing Called "crushing.... My Hopes".

A story that still isn't over is what I'm telling you right now.

A guy, shy looking if you ask me, has been giving me mixed signals since I first noticed him two or three months ago. Sometimes, he stares at me, and sometimes he'll just stand outside of his class ,I'm assuming to see me, then walks into his class after he's caught my eye. He's even used the same technique of hiding my earphones at one point. But today as me and my friend passed by, he laughed with his friends, and walked further away from Me as I passed. I'm guessin perhaps, I'm ugly in their view. Just another stupid, ugly girl.

I'm insecure, mainly because my mother drove me to this, and feel as though he does this out of fun and not interest. I really don't know the truth. Please dont be like me. Me, I'm afraid of being humiliated, afraid of asking him the truth, when I can easily ask him that one question.

With that one question, "do you like me", my life can simply change. But I choose not to.

Any opinions I this?
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1 Response May 10, 2012

Not to sound mean or anything, but you chose not to ask him. Since you chose not to ask him, then you chose to continue to be the person you are now. In all honesty, asking someone out is a very scary thing. I have a little brother whose 17 years old, I know what he's going through. He's shy as hell. And there's this girl who he likes, red hair, outgoing and popular. What's a shy guy have that would be able to compete with those other athletic, good looking guys vying for her "love"? Well, as his sister, and not to embarrass my little brother, he's the best man (and I mean man) that any girl could ever have. And if one day a girl got enough courage to go out with this shy guy, she would be the most luckiest girl in the world. As you wrote, he's shy. He'll cover up his shyness by acting cool with his friends. My brother does that too when he's in front of his crush. No girl is ugly. Never. There's always going to be a guy that will die for your beauty and even more for your beautiful smile. Don't ever put yourself down. Ever. You really don't have to ask him whether he likes you or not; what you should be doing is to try to love yourself before you commit yourself in any relationship. If you don't love yourself, it will be very difficult to love someone else.