"My Life"

Im here again well im alone herein in my aunt's house just a good timing to write about my feelings .. anyway i hope the best birthday gift i would have next month would be something good, for me, my life and for my family.

Still i have nothing to do now, i mean i don't know i just want to have a better job, that i could provide my family well , and myself...still i have two sisters studying i am the one sending them to school, that's a tough job being an eldest...very hard :) but i still can managed so far, still i can smile and laugh about my problems - our problems ... Actually this year im planning to work outside the country i mean maybe in Dubai or what just to have some changes..

i hope God give me something better in my birthday (March) Im hoping and praying for it, im excited on what his plans for me. I really hope for it.

Im kinda pressured on my family - i hope i can still hang on i know i can god is always there right? i have faith on him..

Till next time prayed for me too friends :) thank you in advance ^_*
wisheart wisheart
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 24, 2013

I sincerely hope everything is well with you.