do you have those days when you are so happy that you will sing and dance all day and just feel like you are the strongest person in the world and no one no matter what, sould tear you down? Or how about those days that you feel so terrible that you are just the mat in front of the front door? all people do is wipe there feet on you? keep stomping on you until you can't take it anymore? or how bout both os them in the same day? i have those days all the time and i hate it... but just as much as i love it. i hate the terrible days, or the happy days turned terrible. but i love those happy days, and terrible days that have  turned happy. Life is a terrible curse, but a wonderful mirracle. and when you really get deep in thought you think that one day i will die, and the life i lived will eventually be forgotten.  but will it? maybe you are a great person, doing great things to be remembered. then again maybe you just wish to be. But no matter what we think, we hide our thoughts on happy days like it doesn't even matter to us. i wonder mhy that is so?

rebelwitacuz rebelwitacuz
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1 Response May 17, 2007

I totally understand what your saying......I have times when I am so care free happy go lucky, and something so small will set me off and all i want to do is sit in bed and listen to music and cry. People dont get it, no one can seem to understand me. Life is a cursed blessing, and it's starting to get on my nerves...how bout yours???