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I love knowing that no matter what happens to me in life I have people that truly love and care about me.  My 6 year old son is the highlight of my day and night.  His sweet, innocent observations of the world on a daily basis keep me sane and laughing.  My husband is so supportive of me and hasn't given up on me in 6 years.  We truly love eachother even when we argue and I know that no matter what's happening if one of us is in trouble we will drop everything to help eachother out.  My father was a wonderful man who introduced me to God and gave me hope that I could be more than the sum of my parts.  My mother, although she is dead now, was a good person and even though she was afflicted with alcoholism and addiction she always had my best intrest at heart.  My brother is a kind and caring man and he has always been there for me.  I only have 1 really good friend and I know a lot of really good people so I think I'm doing alright today.  Thank you God for your kindness and thank you to anyone who let me share this experience.
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Thank you for sharing your beautiful experience. I also love life and I am searching for "Life" but "a fullness of life in our cosmic experience", which I feel, includes eternal life. The joy and love experienced especially in a family, for me, points to an eternal life that extends beyond our temporary human existence. <br />
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Yours cosvis