Love Life

      I love the Mornings, I wake up put my Java on and head outside,I live on a large bay and I scan the water for dolphin, fish jumping, sea gulls,pelicans,It is so peaceful. I have my coffee and plan my day.... Life is good.
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8 Responses Jul 16, 2007

If there is such a thing, I guess this place comes close....

Heaven on Earth - I do believe!

I live in Pensacola Florida, it is really nice, I'm on a good size Bay. it's very peaceful...

You are lucky! Do you live by the ocean?

you're so lucky ... thats my dream and goal in life =) You don't happen to live in East Beach do you??? It's in VA formally known as East Ocean View ...

So right!

Amen. Our attitudes at the break of day most often set the paradigm for the rest of it.

Wow, if I lived there I think I would love life everyday too :)