Complicated Relationship

Hi, I want you to know about my life.. how i struggled and how i coped up from it.  My story begins here.... at the age of 22 after graduating from college and got a job, after 2 years I and my man decided to settle down. We gt married the year of 2004. As we have shared all the good times of each other, the marriage last for 2 months , he was died. I thought it was only a dream but its a nightmare that we never expect ,at that time i was pregnant, i thought this is the end of everything. I lost him immediately without giving the chance to see his child. This the worst happened in my life that i could share. Days, months had passed and my angel came, GOD has given me my angel. (my son) he is my precious, i lost one but he replaced thru my angel. After giving birth and need to be with and take care of my son, after a year i decided to left him (son) to left my country  home. I need to work hard for him. Years had passed (4 yrs)as I worked out side my country (abroad). I never expect to meet and to feel again love to a simple man here abroad. i know him from the beginning as he shared his life story as well, he was separated before he work abroad and met each other. He was separated to his family, he has 2 kids. i like and love him much.  Despite of the circumstances, we still continue our relationship and i am afraid because they are not legally separated, i know and i feel his feelings he loves me much as i do.

Now, we are living together abroad and the documentation to legalize the separation between him and  his wife is ongoing. Annulment takes time to be done. In this case , i am considering myself as a mistress and i dont want to be called for the rest of my life. What could wedo in order to process the annulment fast? And am i the bad woman in the mirror for the couple?

 Please share your thoughts ...

26-30, F
Feb 17, 2010