Once I Start Watching

i can't stop! i'll get into one movie and sit there glued to the tv till it's over. then the next one that's coming on looks just as good so i wind up watching that, and very often the one after that as well...this is how i get sucked in. i've always been big on lifetime movies, so when i ever discovered there was a whole new channhel devoted entirely to them, i was in love. once i put it on channel 270 (that's lmn in my area), i can't turn it off! :)

runnagirrl runnagirrl
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6 Responses Apr 24, 2008

ha, sweetcitywoman, that's awesome! any man that likes lmn is a winner in my book! :)<br />
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oh analyticalaly, will our similarities ever run out?! i can't even tell you how many beautiful weekends i've spent indoors hooked on lmn! oh, and the old movie channels too. we need more on our cable. oh man, then i'd never leave the sofa!

Runnagirrl - we have to stop meeting like this - I love LMN - and I also like Lifetime - Army Wives and Side Order of Life particularly - but LMN - I could waste a whole Saturday and/or Sunday watching those movies!<br />
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Like Oxygen and Hallmark (we don't have Ion) and then the Old Movie channels (sometimes).

oh yeah, oxygen, ion, and hallmark are all favorites of mine as well! :)<br />
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and prettyk, i have seen the movie you mention, "the party never stops," too. it was very good, and made me thankful that i'm not a drinker either. much like lifetime movies, once you become hooked it's hard to stop. only alcohol can have much harsher consequences, of course!

Another good channel to watch drama movies is Hallmark Channel

I was hooked on today. i had nothing planned so I decided to watch several movies. This one in particular caught my attention, "The Party Never Stops" with Sarah Paxton. I was never a party gal in college. But when i watched this movie it gave me more of a reason to not drink. If I started drinking in college, I would have never stopped and gain control of my life the way "Jessie" had in the movie. I don't drink alcohol now because I am afraid of acting stupid in public and getting a hangover in the morning. This movie gave me an idea on how "peers" can do anything to make you fit in during a teenager's years.

Me too! Oxygen is good, as is ION. Love the movies, most are actually watchable by children, not so on all stations anymore.