Ihave Always Loved Lighthouses

Since I was a child. Growing up on Long Island, there were always the Fire Island Lighthouse and Montauk Lighthouse plus other small ones around the island to include the Statue of Liberty (which, btw is considered a lighthouse!). Then there were the lighthouses on the Jersey shore. Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida! I just loved them all, so years ago, I started researching them on the internet. The history is fascinating! I started collecting Lefton Lighthouses. Then that was all I ever received was Lefton Lighthouses so I have quite a collection of dust collectors! I still love lighthouses and we try to go see new ones when we have the oppotunity.

Last year we went to see St. Augustine LH. My husband was so intrigued because Ghost Hunters did a show from there. (I don't believe in that stuff but he loves it!) So we went and did the day and night tour. We climbed up the lighthouse at night twice. Went through the keepers house took about 300 pictures and EVP recordings on a digital recorder and didn't see or hear a damned thing (Like I really thought we would LOL) but we had a great time and made some beautiful memories! I have beautiful pastel paintings of my beloved LI Lighthouses in my bedroom. Georgia and SC lighthouses too!

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Hi Jojo, its always a pleasure to chat with other lighthouse lovers. I have one Lefton Light in my collection, a couple from Danbury Mint and a bunch from the Harbour Lights Collection. I recieved my Lefton, Cape Lookout NC, as a gift. Back in '92 I made a trip to Florida, visited and photographed the lighthouses at Amelia Island, St. Augustine, Ponce Inlet and Cape Canaveral.

Thanks :) I bet the pastel paintings you have are beautiful too.

That is a beautiful description!

Lighthouses are pretty neat - I always think they look so picturesque on a headland, shining out into the darkness with a stormy coast below.