( Holds Up A 10 ) For My Dear Lilt

Your heartfelt compliment crawled inside me and hugged my heart.

( I originally wrote this as a 10 worder, then, being a brainchild, I thought.... I BET Lilt has a group!)

Like the State of Georgia, your compliment to me will keep you on my mind. Thanks soooo much. I SWEAR I am going to remember to compliment EPEEPs more often....
Kathieredart Kathieredart
56-60, F
2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I just saw this story for first time.
I love you too, Kathie.
I don't remember what the compliment was. But I'm sure I was telling the truth.

Wow! You must have said something really nice to me 2 years ago! I can't remember the compliment
(LOL) but I will always remember you! And thanks for whatever it was you said that moved me so much. Love Ya, Honey Gal of a Friend.

Lilt must have more than one group dedicated to her, I know I'm a member of at least one other than this! She is indeed a perfect ten!

You, too are a perfect 10 .... You and Lilt= wonderful company!

We need to get a whole load of us in a room together with chocolate and cookies, other woman attend book circles, we'd be a food circle!

I would so love that! You know I would... We know we are " naturally" well read! Liltie, you, and I don't need to read no stinkin books!