::slow Clap::

awesome group.


::slow clap::

if i could stop shaking my head in joy and wonderment then perhaps i could submit a little something in tribute of this amazing group.

i'm drawing a blank right now. in fairness, i'm a little drunk. but first thing tomorrow, it's on!



error messages

won't let me log in. don't they

know i need my crack?



there once was a place called EP

where i constantly needed to be

"our browser is down....?!?"

i read with a frown.


journeyfulloflaughter journeyfulloflaughter
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16 Responses Jan 10, 2008

*smiles appreciatively*<br />
<br />

::delighted applause!::

There once was a time fr<x>ame called 'soon',<br />
A deadline of nonspecific and vague tune.<br />
So between calendar failure<br />
And fancy EP regalia,<br />
I'm anticipating somewhere around June?

thanks!!!!!! i thought they turned out pretty well. perhaps another stroke of inspiration will occur soon.

Oooh, nice one J. I like the contrast of the zen form of haiku with the barely contained desperation of the text itself. Beautiful juxtaposition :)

hahahahaha<br />
<br />
That was great! Especially the last line, that's got to be the triple Salchow of limmericking.... :D

Heeheehee good stuff guys... hope you think of more soon...

did you see? ep jet lag inspired me! i wrote it in the story though not comments..

The trick with limmericks in group settings is to steal the best rhymes before anyone else can ;)<br />
<br />
*can't think of any other good rhymes for journey*

really knocked the legs out from under anything i had in mind....i must think harder....

Holy crap. That was hilarious.<br />
<br />
Nice work Tardy!


There once was a cutie named Journey<br />
For whom Thanksgiving warranted an attorney<br />
Or just uncork the bottle<br />
She'll hit it full throttle<br />
And when it's done, wheel her out on a gurney.

Ok ok. Let the rhyming begin! Tomorrow!

i said morning! it's not morning yet!

Let the rhyming begin!