Haiku By Cats (not Written By Me)


Haiku Written by Cats

(from an email forward. i edited a few to make the syllables fit when they didn't already)

The food in my bowl

is old And more to the point 
Contains no tuna.

So you want to play.
Will I claw at dancing string?
ankle is closer.

There's no dignity
In being sick - which is why
I don't tell you where.

Seeking solitude
I am locked in the closet.
For once I need you.

Tiny can, dumped in
Plastic bowl. Presentation,
One star; service: none.

Am I in your way?
You seem to have it backwards:
This pillow is mine.

Your mouth is moving;
Up and down, emitting noise.
I've lost interest.

My brain: walnut-sized.
Yours: largest among primates.
Yet, who leaves for work?

Most problems can be
Ignored. The more difficult
Ones can be slept through.

Cats can't steal the breath
Of children. But if my tail's
Pulled again, I'll learn.

I don't mind being
Teased, any more than you mind
A skin graft or two.

So you call this thing
Your "cat carrier". I call
These my "blades of death".

Toy mice, dancing yarn
Meowing sounds. I'm convinced:
You're an idiot.

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8 Responses Jan 14, 2008

What a wonderful

Collection of haiku, all

Written by a cat!

These are so great. Thanks. I plan to print them out and give them to my daughter. Maybe fr<x>amed. She has four cats and just loves them so much. Cute, cute, cute.

I can picture garfield reading these

Thank you for posting<br />
this kittycat's poetry<br />
Fluffy sure can write

Tee hee! I had these taped to my office door for the longest time. I wish I knew who wrote them--they are so clever.

you're very welcome :) <br />
i particularly enjoy the one about getting locked in the closet. my cat gets herself into situations like that all the time.

Aww, so sweet ones :) and they all capture the mind of a feline so effectively. Bonus for the nice enjambments!<br />
Kudos to you for finding these and posting here, wonderful unicorn-pictured person :D

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah<br />
<br />
*injures self*