Gentlemen, My Christmas Present

12/28/12- UPDATE:  Santa said I have been a very good girl this year so I ordered all 3 plus the thong panties for the pink if I could only get someone to take some pics..

I love beautiful lingerie and a man to model them for. I want to please you so please let me know which of the 3 you would like me to buy...

this little number is black with red hearts on it...

How about a little baby doll?

This would go with my fair skin and auburn hair.

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Aww...can't see

I need to take pics...are you game?

You know I am

Is it too late to volunteer?


Just say when and where

I am catching this story late...did you get your presents?

I hae them and they are hanging inmy closet..just waiting..sigh

I am glad you got all three presents.
Can I ask what you are waiting for?

Hell woman I would Travel to take the Pics for you :-)

Wish you could! they are still hanging in the closet waiting.


Do we get to see you in it?

i returned the gown. but i have the other two. i need to buy thigh highs for the peach one..but yes! if i can find someone to take the pics.

I would be happy to help with that!

Number three. My vote is for the last one. I can't really say why bit would love to see you in that outfit

I got it! it is very pretty. i have to buy some cream color thigh highs now.

Damn! Thinking of you in that ensemble!

I know you'll look good in all of them. You would, and do, look just wonderful in anything you choose. But I wish I could be the lucky guy to photograph you in them....and out, of course. I await with baited breath for your beauty to grace us all. And I thank you sweet we all do....

well no man to take my pics. i am waiting for you!

I wish I was closer. I'd be there in less than a heartbeat. I'd be doing my very best to make you look good, look fantastic and wonderful anyway, so that part would be easy. I will admit you would make it difficult. Only because I'd be picking my jaw off the ground seeing you looking so sexy and beautiful. I hope someone is smart enough, and lucky enough, to take some great shots of you sweetheart. I can't wait to see you in those sexy pieces....(smiling)!!!!

I wouldn't make you wear any of them although they look nice skin is a better colour on you !!

well we can arrange that!

Sweetheart, I'm an advanced amateur photographer, I've even been published a couple of times. I'd love to do a photo shoot with you.

just saw this and amt too late to vote. my vote would have been number 1 as the contrast against your skin would produce awe-inducing ardor , while, the red hearts just reinforce the feeling of wanting to embrace you completely.

i have to order them today and yes that is my choice too..thank you ..

you are welcome. thanks for responing.. I, along with everyone else. wait with anticipation for the pics of your modeling the winner!


Please the third one, although I know you prefer black. Either would be lovely if they were on you!

you are the sweetest man i know...thank you..

I'll buy all three then you can model each!! Now we will only get through one a day cause i know how i am and once i see you in one naughty things will pop into my head and that will be the end of that show for the day!!

you are always naughty..that is what makes yo ufun.

When are we going to see you in any of these three?

I had the flu and did not order them yet..but i am!

Beautiful selections. I luv the first 1 best of all

I love number one, but I am a sucker for garters.

Whatever you choose, I know you will look gorgeous.

thank you honey..

I vote for #1, sexy!

I like it too! i might have to spring and get all 3

All three look great. #2 is sweet while #1 and #3 are very sexy!

i think so too...i hope i get to put them on before i take them off...((wink))

I like the last one !! I would love to see you in that outfit before I remove it and have you naked in front of me !! You are so beautiful !! I just want to make love to that beautiful body of yours !!! So sweet and so are the Best that life has to offer !!!!!!

Hmmm they are all so sexy

Why choose? I think they all would fit your different moods. #1 is kinda ohlala. Yanno...I'm feelin' very flirty. #2 is sweet and adorable. #3 is a lil' bit of both. So I ALL 3. *laugh* You knew I was gonna be difficult right? :))

#1 please. It is the most holiday-like and incredibly sexy - like you!

I like them all. But the white would look so very nice on you. I would buy them all for you, if you wanted, because I would love to see you in each one. You shouldn't have to be the one doing the buying. That should be your gentlemen's pleasure. I wouldn't care, though, because you look gorgeous in anything you wear my love......

MY fave is # 3 ! U would look stunningly gorgeous hot and yummy in it dear ! You would look hot in anything sexy ! Or nothing ! growl ! hugs

Number it!

I think i have to buy 1 and 3 and maybe 2 too..

I would love to see you in number 3 :)

I am thinking that might be one that i buy too...maybe 1 and 3? you are just being greedy :)

No 1 is erotic hot bring it on fantasy :)
No 3 to cool elegant bring it on fantasy :) buy both and you then have both moods covered lol

I like the way you think...yes i do.

Number three--definitely.

Of course, you'd look great in all three. Thee first is really sexy, but I'm digging on the color of the third garment--you'd look fabulous

i think it is a blush pink. you have good taste.

#1 please!

I keep going to that one too. it has little red hearts all over it.

I like the black one because it has the garter straps.

me too!

I think that just bare skin probably looks very lovely and enticing on you.

i am so honored by you two...thank you

The honor is knowing you.

You would be wonderful in any of them.

you are very sweet..i might have to buy all 3.

If one didn't know better, perhaps the plan was to get all 3 from the

It is...((grin))

They are both very beautiful and I am sure you would look good in either one. I personally prefer the 2nd one.

it is and blue embroidery on it!

just one?, and you can model any/all for me

Baby you look good in anything. They all are good, I like to see you in baby doll though.

Number one gets me hot... ;)

i agree with #1 and will volunteerto be a man to model them for :)

okay i think i'll go with door number 1. Totally the britnie-bustier-top

2nd & 3rd links are the same. I choose the first one :)

i posted the i consider your opinion valuable...tell me which..

I'm sticking w/ #1

something about red and black that gets me too...thanks honey..

Yes the red and black is sexy, its denotes erotica and passion.

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