I love to dress up in lingerine. It is so sexy and make's you feel beautiful. It is fun and exciting. It turns your guy on and when you use oil with it it is like Heaven. A sheer delight.

I love the red lace and the black satin. Garter belts and fishnet stockings. The bra;s and panties to match. I love the feel against my skin. Also the feel of my man taking them off. To see the joy on his face. When he sees me. I love to dance around a pole while he is watching me or give him a lap dance.

To see the smile on his face is worth it all. He is so happy. We play for hours and never get tired. It is like a 24/7 play time. We can think of so many things to do.

When he comes home from work. I like to meet him at the door with my lingerine on. He gets so excited. He can barely breathe. It turns me on to see him and watch him.

It amazes me that women lose their men so fast. wHEN IT JUST TAKES A LITTLE TIME TO KEEP HIM HAPPY AND HAVE FUN YOURSELF. If you don't another woman will and it will be your fault. So stop complaining and get in the move and buy some lingrine and keep your man happy.

Also before you go to sleep dress up and do the same thing. He will love it and not be thinking of any one but you.

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GGreat advice,Enjoy!!!

Thank you so much

Well stated!!!! I agree!!!!!

Thank you. I am hoping now that I am back. I can post more of my poems. But I don't see a place or how to post my poems now.

Ahh to meet a woman like you.. Xxx

yeah xxGlad you liked it.

loved it xxx. Have tried to add you but the system wont let me. ;-(

I am glad but it is okay. We can still keep in touch. Thank you

Thank you so much.

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Your man is very lucky. When you are happy at home, why would you look elsewhere. Lingerie is sexy as hell on a woman and drives us men nuts.

Im not looking anywhere else. Im a lucky woman. I just about this because it is fun.Also I love lingerie.

I am so glad you liked it. I also love lingerie.

I love to see women in lingerie also..........soooo Sexy. Where do I find one?

Good question. I would think most all women love lingerie

I have no idea but hope you find one.

So do I

I agree and I love it.

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I agree with you. I love it so much.

A person wearing lingerie is sexier than being naked... wearing lingerie makes a person feel sexy

I agree and it makes your relationship more fun.

It sure does

You sound like me

Lingerie hides just enough, but still allows us to see just enough to get our imagination on what is beneath the lingerie. The different textures that lingerie has, can stimulate a person. Gently touching (rubbing) the lingerie can send shivers down the spine of the person wearing the lingerie.

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