Everything Has It's Place!

I often go to my favourite department store in Perpignan to visit the lingerie shop to see what is new in.

At home in Villefranche-de-Conflent, at my parents' house, in my bedroom i have a chest of drawers with seven drawers in it. The two half-drawers at the top are where I keep my garters and my suspender belts.

The next drawer down is where I keep all of my g-strings, each style in a place within. Lace on the left, silk in the middle, and cotton on the right.

The next drawer down is the first one with thongs in. These are lace and silk thongs, usually white, naked (skintone), and various shades of blue.

The next drawer below this is for my cotton thongs. All kinds of colours are within it. I prefer cotton for everyday wear as it is fresh and clean feeling.

The second from bottom drawer is where I keep all my lace panties. It is brimming with panties!

And, the bottom drawer is for my cotton panties. I can't get anymore in there, I am thinking of other ways to store them!

I have another bottom drawer under my tee shirts in my second chest of drawers where I keep all my stockings and tights.
Anuledroan Anuledroan
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A person can never have too much lingerie