Lingerie Is Neccessary For Good Quality of Life.

I think lingerie is critical to feeling good about yourself and how you present yourself to the world. I consistently wear lace-top thigh highs, a garter belt, pretty matching panties and a cami to work under my clothes. It gives me more confidence in myself than I have ever known. Every time i stand up and i feel the straps of my garters catch hold of the stockings i get a thrill and that thrill sends me walking down the hallway with an air of pure confidence.

Lingerie is essential to day to day well being because it reminds you of your body, makes you and keeps you aware of your body all the time. Before i started wearing pretty things I never took care of my skin! Never even thought about lotion and all that. There was a lot of things about my own body that I was never aware of. Now that i shave my legs, armpits and . . . . well . . . . down there, every other day I am forced to feel and look at all aspects of my body. Because of that I want to start taking care of it. I use moisturizer every night and morning. I shower all the time now and have never felt as clean as i do now even though I took at least a shower a day. I brush my teeth more, I watch my weight more, I am quitting smoking and drinking less. There is so much more about me that I am now aware of simply because I like wearing these beautiful pieces of fabric that helps me feel pretty. Not handsome but pretty and feeling pretty can change lives. It sure changed mine.

harold77377 harold77377
36-40, M
1 Response Feb 26, 2009

Harold you are so right. Feeling pretty can change how you feel about yourself and take care of yourself in more ways than you can believe. Love my lingerie!