Do you like grannies, bikinis, strings, thongs? Stockings or pantyhose? How about fishnet body suits?

I like all of them, except grannies of course.

georgiaboy georgiaboy
61-65, M
2 Responses Mar 4, 2009

I LOVE garter belts and stockings! Absolutely love them. I wear those and matching panties (I DO like thongs) when I can find some that match. I also wear a pretty cami under my dress shirt when it's not too hot out. Today i have on a pink, lace bodice cami, really cute pink VS briefs with a couple of buttons on the front and trimmed in small ruffles, a white lace, 2 strap garter belt and VS, white lace-top stockings. I feel very pretty today. Oh! and my wife painted my toenails a really pretty coral color so my toes match my lingerie. God, I can be such a girl sometimes.

I love lacy silky panties, bikinis...I don't care for thongs, they are a bit uncomfortable. I love nylons and garter belts, ... I've never tried a fishnet bodysuit...sounds like fun though!! :-)