Love them all. Putting on lingerie makes me feel oh so sexy! With clothes or without clothes I wear them for me, as well as for him. The feel of them against my skin makes my skin feel so good.... I really love lingerie.

Rainystorm Rainystorm
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I love lingerie too, there is NOTHING quite like the feel of silky panties caressing your privates, or wearing a beautiful nightie to bed! ! Please add me i tried to add you but am not able to.

hehehehe I enjoy sheer!

When it comes to lingerie, the words sheer and net sound best to me.

lol...kinky Bobbysoxxy

I agree and must add...... on me, on you, on both of us!

Well Mewold....the lingerie has been used more than once as a teasing effect...for both of us. Naked comes afterwards.<br />
<br />
Botable..I highly recommend you find something, it can be very fun (the shopping for them) and then the first time he see's them...well, no waiting around for him to get ready.

My wonderful husband bought me lingerie for my birthday. Satin and uncomfortable. I was like a peppermint all twisted up. So back to the nude. <br />
I am going to look for something enticing and not so restraining. .

The human body is beautiful. All women are beautiful. why hide it with anything, even lingerie.

Yes, I have a few silk or satin teddies that I love to wear because of how they feel against my breasts. How they rub my ****les oh so well. So sexy.