I always like to put on sexy lingerie if I've been feeling down. When I go out it's like a confidence booster, knowing that I have something slightly naughty hidden. In the beginning of our relationship my man didn't get too enthusiastic about lingerie, he said he liked me without anything at all, but it always helps me get more excited when I wear it. Now after 5 years he's more open to that and other things so I'm looking forward to lingerie shopping with him! My favorite outfit so far has been white stockings, thigh high, with lace with a white garter belt adorned with little pink flowers (sexy panties optional) and a matching bra with silk flowing over my stomach that's slit down the middle. That's what changed his mind too! I loved the way he looked at me after walking into our room seeing me sprawled on the bed in that with candles lit and flower petals all about. lol I'm such a girlie romantic sometimes. Anyway, lingerie: love it! Have a bunch and love getting more. I wanna find a corset that I really like :)

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I love lingerie too! Great experience! If you are still looking for more, Myriad Lingerie is having a huge clearance sale right now. I just got a ton!

Thanks for visiting my site...DD

Will do, and thanks :)

A sexy relationship after 5 years is very cool. Say hello to him, I think he has a great woman...DD