They Brought Me Back From The Dead...

Linkin Park has played a major role in my all my life changing moments. Their lyrics are so much more to me than just word’s on paper. They have picked me up when I am sad, they have brought me Back from the Dead.

Laying in my hospital bed, beaten unreconizable. Scared to remember what has happen to me. Listening to all the people around me crying about my future. I put on my headphones and hitting play… “Easier to Run”. I cried. I couldn’t change the fact that he tried to ruin me and wanted to hide the shame. “Hit the Floor” is what made me rise above it all. Over and Over I listened. It was a hardest thing to face. He hurt me so bad. “Faint” I had to look in the mirror and realize that I so much more in the world no matter what he said.

I walked around for years with the cd insert.. anytime I was frustrated, sad or just wanted to scream, I would pull it out and read them. Sometimes if feel like they were pulling feelings out of me and able to express them in a way that I couldn’t.
I have to say “Thank you” to them for pulling me out of a sad situation. I am healthy, happy and able to smile again. The passion I have for their music makes me so blissful. I love getting my friends together and putting on their DvD’s having a few drinks, dancing and singing along. I don’t care who judges me, I am a fan and I love that they could help me in away that no other drugs, counsling or family could.

Thank you LP YOU ROCK!!!
cristenie cristenie
36-40, F
1 Response Oct 6, 2011

any kind of music as long we enjoy it is great and releases some stress and i guess its ok as long you have fun with it...