"I Love Linkin Park"

I admit I first became familar with Linkin Park about 4 years ago through my son who just loves them! He has all of their CD's and so I started really getting into them because of my son.They are very talented and they certainly do Rock!!
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4 Responses Jun 6, 2007

All I listen to really is Linkin Park. People say they suck and all that, but they don't seem like that at all or like other emo crap. No high-pitched voices or anything and the way they've been able to mix rock and rap together is amazing.

I like linkin park, they got soft all of a sudden though. Not a bad thing Im just sayin

yeah linkin park is awesome.

hehe, I love L.P... Got almost all their songs (including demos and live songs... downloaded ofc :P)<br />
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Listen to them (and Evanescence) all the time