I Found Linkin Park Through a Jerk Named Dillon!

So I had this crush on this skater guy and he liked linkin park so i thought if i liked linkin park too he would like me.



he turned out hating me and never talking to me until the day i helped him pack his moving truck to move away and I havent seen him since.

Now everytime I listen to linkin park i think of the Jerk Who ruined my entire life. I used to think that love was a real thing but when i fell in love with him and he broke me heart so now i don't believe in true love and i think marriage is something there just so you can sleep with the guy and not feel guilty for not having a commitment!





But I still LOVE Linkin Park More Than Anything!

Lizz101 Lizz101
18-21, F
Feb 15, 2009