I Think I'll Cheat On Windoze A Bit, And Then Ditch Him For Linux

i want to be with linux, but it's going to be challenging to lose windoze. he doesn't seem to have noticed that i downloaded ubuntu and burnt it to a dvd, so hopefully he won't give me too much trouble. i'm planning to cheat with the live cd for a while, before booting windoze out for good. i don't think he'll turn violent, but he does seem to have a lot of control over me - seemingly little things, like games made for windows, and the driver for the printer... i know there are ways around these kinds of things, like WINE, but i'm sure i'll run into trouble. but it will be worth it, because he's so high maintenance, and there was that dowry i had to pay when i first maried him. at least with linux, love is free, like it should be.
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You can always get Ubuntu to split up your disk for you, and install Ubuntu so that when you power up the computer you can choose to run either Ubuntu or Windows.

i already did it months ago. there was a problem with the first time i tried to do it in august, where i couldn't get into windows at all, so i ended up having to reformat the whole drive and do a fresh install of windows, which i did in december. i remember doing it twice for some reason. i think the first time, i installed the old ubuntu 11 or so disc, and then with that set up, i downloaded and burnt the latest ubuntu. i think maybe i couldn't get into windows at all with the version 11 disc because it had a faulty bootloader? so i burnt version 12, then reinstalled windows all over again, and then installed the latest ubuntu alongside it, and i haven't had any trouble getting into windows if i want. it goes straight to linux if you don't press anything.

so this week is the week... do or die, or do or renew my windoze anti virus, or do or smurf the interwebz unprotected... so do or die.

i'm going to have to wait until next school term to make the switch, since it entails being without a computer for a couple of days, or longer if something goes wrong, so i need my tablet fixed first. my tablet has a broken volume switch so i can't force reboot when it freezes, so occasionally it goes out of action for a day or two until the battery drains. i'm waiting for the school holidays so i can take it into the service centre in sydney myself instead of risking it with (and paying money for) post or courier. then with a stable tablet, i can make the switch. in the meantime though i can run the live cd and try to work out any potential issues.

protection for windoze costs money - not due until august, i think, so i should aim to make the complete switch before then. i hardly use the computer these days anyway, it's mainly my son who uses it, mainly for browser puzzle games, while i mainly use the tablet. he's starting to make himself more at home on the tablet now though, so the switchover shouldn't be too painful, with the time it will take to get it sorted. i really don't have too much stuff on it i want to keep, it will easily fit on a usb stick, the issue is compatibility. i'm planning to go through it all on tuesday.