Bill Gates Emailed Me

I posted a comment on a video and I said "NO your are a ******* idiot linux can not get viruses look it up" to some one then bill gates commented "Stop being an idiot and face the reality every linux/gnu distros can catch virus because there is almost no virus created for m doesnt they are immune" and I know that is a lie
christianjohnson99 christianjohnson99
2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

Well there is the honor virus, Linux is not immune to that.
Thats the virus that is spread by this email:

Since your computer is running Linux I can not infect it like I can Windows, therefore please delete a number of your file sat random and email me your address book.

You sure that was the real Bill Gates? Sometimes people make accounts under the name of a really famous person and post stupid comments like that. I'm sure Bill Gates is smart enough to agree with you instead of lying like that person did.

I dont think so Bill Gates thinks windows is the best operating system even when it is the only one that gets viruses

Well, he did invent it. He wouldn't lie though. And why would a multi-billionaire waste his time watching YouTube videos? It seems really unlikely it would be him. Maybe it's someone who has some mental problem and thinks he's Bill Gates that's talking to you.