I Love Linux! :)

I've been using Ubuntu off & on since 2007. I'm finally getting around to installing it on my UMPC, and once I can get drivers installed, (a friend of mine is compiling them for me beause he has more know-how and the same UMPC I do), I will be replacing Windows with Ubuntu entirely. At the moment I'm running it through Wubi. I'm also running Ubuntu as a virtual machine on my Mac through VMWare Fusion. I just think it's wonderful that everything is free, customizable, and stable. While I'm still relatively new to the terminal, I love using command line applications such as Finch and Links. I found an image of the Asus eeePC's version of Xandros. I wanted to install it, but apparently the installer hated the fact that I was using an ISO disk image. So, it wouldn't boot. LOL I think I'll have to copy the ISO to a CD which I don't want to do (I'm not one for burning CDs much anymore). Generally speaking, anything that has Linux in it I'm pouncing on it wanting to find out more about it. My favorite Linux-based device is a screenless PDA for people who cannot see very well. If you go to LinuxDevices and go to the PDA section, scroll down until you reach Jun 07, you will see it. It's the LevelStar Icon. I myself have visual difficulties, but not enough to have to rely on speech 100%. This is another reason why I love Ubuntu, or any GNOME based distro, because Orca is a full screen reader, magnifier & braille terminal. Orca's magnifier is having issues on myUMPC though so once I figure out how to install Beryl or Compiz I may use that - I heard something about a zoom utility built into one of those two. Anywho, I'd better shut up or this wil last forever. (LOL) Incidentally, if my friend who helped to compile the missing drivers for me is reading this, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. :D I will never forget this and I'm eternally greatful to you. :) Hope you enjoyed reading it. :)

rml1987 rml1987
18-21, M
Feb 21, 2009