What I Like Best Is...

The way my Linux experience has changed in just the past two years!

For the first time I have Linux on a laptop (Fedora Core 10) and am using it wirelessly at home, at local restaurants (with open wireless access) and in hotels while on pleasure trips!  I also have an older version of Fedora Core on another desktop, currently sitting idle in a corner, but really use the laptop almost daily.

My experience with Fedora Core 10 updating itself has been good also; it searches for updates and offers to download and apply them just as well as any other Operating System I have used.

Two things that do not work or are presently broken in Linux for me are: DVDs won't play (this needs extra "codecs" I haven't had the patience to get), and my YouTube video have a weird reverberation or echo that make the audio very, very annoying.  I wanted to add this story to let people know I think Linux is cool but not perfect!  What computer O.S. is perfect?  None.


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2 Responses Jan 6, 2010

You don't need to search for codecs, just follow the instructions here:<br />
http://www.fedorafaq.org/#dvd<br />
And if you want mp3 support, here:<br />

very true. im having a great experience with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. its based off of Linux so its rock-solid