Red Lips

The power of wearing red lipstick and heavy gloss is beyond compare. Men are immediately attracted and have thoughts of those lips going places. Maybe they will???
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4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Sure does ! In a previous life worked as an Office Manager , wore a black suit, with red Nails & lipstick, Also had on 5in Stilettos. The guys came into my office for the slightest reason but rarely had a woman come to see me !

Hey ISIS, Have you ever noticed , particularly with a colour like Red, when you touch it up in public all the guys watch you ! ?

you are so right ! went out with the girls at the weekend and decided to wear a Bright red Lipstick and clear gloss. Also have lond nails and did them a similar colour. Could have had my pick of guys all night !!!!!!!!!!

There is nothing sexier than wearing red lipstick- what a heavenly, feminine sensation!