I Don't Ask For An Add Unless I'm Sure I Can Connect

" I tell you, friendship here is most difficult. You find some whom you find you can adapt with their style, inviting you for friendship. Finding common interests to connect. Yet find it in the long run, that "mutualities" seems to just acts a portion of their whole interest in joining EP. The more you know them through their stories the more you become alienated to your aim to get closer. I can say, the true (friends) ones who stay have various reason to staying. But those who really try to connect, no matter how, it would surface like oil in water. But those who sadly, can't find the way to satisfy their interest, I find them removing me.Well, I feel sorry if I can't leave up to your expectations of the kind of nature your ideal commincation you're asking. And if you feel like leaving it's all okey."

It's one reason why I don't ask for friendship unless I am really sure I can connect with them, while finding mutual interests. Otherwise, I'd just stay quiet reading interesting stories. Accepting invites from people promising friendship for what I still have to discover. And looking for stories/people. . .  hoping not to be rejected. Oh mY!

Oh. . . and yes I love lipstick. I'm not particular with the brands as long it stays long for the whole days works. I have white teeth and pink gums. I don't smoke and my lips are close to pale color and they're thin (I wish they were luscious and pouty though) and so I'd stick with orange/pink  colore shade. Any suggestions from ladies would be greatly appreciated. teehee^^
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Not many people can wear orange lipstick.<br />
Tried it once and it drained my face of all colour<br />
Hugs<br />

Thanks Sammi. When I get tanned during Summer, I use pink/red. During Winter, which I become fair, I use pink/orange or non at all. Thanks for sharing your choice.**wink**

Red will always be my fav ,bright red that stands out and says look at me ,as for shape it really doesn't matter as for the color is exciting in its own.

Oh my, Outmymind ? Seems years since when I can't remember. How are you ? Thanks for sahring in your comment. (^v~)

I am surviving thanks to my friends on EP. I so enjoy your posts thanks

Friendship is like lipstick. You have to try several shades and varieties to find the ones you want to stay with. You will also need to try some surprising colors to find some that you might truly connect with. I enjoyed the writing.

You are amazing !! Thanks for the wonderful comment. Would try other color shades then.

We all should! As they say, variety is the spice of life!

AWWWW!!! <br />
Friendship; that elusive comfy area where you feel "connected" to the other person! Lady, you are in muddy water if you search too hard. Friends are usually found in the areas you least expect them. I've found they usually surface when you least expect it and have usually put the least effort into it. Why? It's because that person saw and observed you with your guard down and appreciated you for what you actually are.<br />
Your experience with rejection will make you a good and pleasant listener who if you don't care for the other party, you will let them down gently. You make a point about your lips. To you that may be very important, but to me it's the eyes. They tell the whole story of either disinterest, sexiness, comfort, security and honesty. You may take this to the Bank as this guy has been around just enough to be experienced. Take care, be proud of yourself and drop me a line sometime.

Me. . . in muddy water. Oh my oh my. Thanks for your Creditable comment. I can look forward to knowing more about your mind. (^-^)

Well my dear; it's a much travelled mind, and it's been through an awful lot of fun and entertainment!

Friendship is ba<x>sed on having common interests (even if each has other interests that are not in common), enabling a real relationship to develop...it is not ba<x>sed on simple attraction. Just wanting a taste of that lipstick is not enough to ba<x>se a friendship on...there must be a real connection, a meeting of the minds.

And I'm so impressed !! Thanks Dragon.