Live In Barcelona

I bought the Blu-Ray disc of their concert in Barcelona, and I have played it over and over.

And recently I checked YouTube for interviews and found it refreshing to discover they are regular guys all married to lovely women. Sebastian is now a father of twins... Luca (boy) and Rose (girl)  born March 20th

They are are also a nice bit of *eye candy* and their voices are like those of *Heavenly Angels*... I would recommend slipping across to YouTube and looking up the following:


Unchained Melody

Amazing Grace


Oh Holy Night


PS.... update 6 may 2010

I now also have the DVD Encore  and it has over an hour of wonderful interviews with these guys  !

It comes highly recommended

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3 Responses Mar 2, 2010

Thank you very much for the recommendation, I'll definitely check it out

Isn't it angelic !<br />
<br />
I love "Mama"

I really enjoyed their interpretation of Halleluja -- it's one of my very favorite songs.