Relax And Enjoy Christ Is Born...................forever

Whenever you may feel down or depressed the majestic wonderment of the Internet is always at hand for us to seek solace and guidance if you are willing to look in the right place and have belief.
Lie back and listen in a quiet room,may the Holy Spirit come upon you and relieve you of your burdons.I thought maybe the right place to start this recording may be at the beginning,Genesis however being a Christian I have chosen my personal favorite story from the Holy Bible,that being The Nativity.
In the Christian world this event is second only in importance to that of Easter when Christ ascended into His Kingdom,Heaven.
We all have the opportunity to listen to his words,they are not difficult to find for they are written down in the all time best seller,The Bible.I will NOT post anything further on this most important of topics for it is not my place to preach.
My reasoning for this experience is simple and pure,merely to highlight just how easily it is now days to have access to such a treasure of inspiration and hopefully to provoke thought into your very existence.
Peace and goodwill whatever your personal beliefs may be,God Bless You.

garvan garvan
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2 Responses Feb 23, 2012

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks,appreciated very much indeed.

I do wish the writing had come ahead of the attached video,sorry folks I am not an IT specialist,way back when I was at school there were no computers in the classroom.I am not one to merely post a video as an experience,through writing is a much more personal message,alas not many people tend to read in the experiences groups,and even fewer leave a comment.<br />
Peace,<br />