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Keep What Is Good To Your Heart

I was reading somebodies comment to someone else and an idea came to me.
and i thought it was really a great idea so good in fact that i want to share it.
during one of my times on EP i got really upset from one persons answer but as i scrolled the list another answer caught my eye and it was this
take what you like and toss the rest.
I thought to myself that the Bible is like reading answers on EP from other usually witty minded people.
Some answers will scare you,some answers will upset you, some answers will look stupid, but also some answers will make you think,and some answers will be pleasant to your heart.
My point is this, when you read the Bible and every one knows how thick that book is,and yeah its got everything, its got scary stuff,its got things you may not agree with,But it also has good things,it also has things pleasant to your heart.
So the next time you pick up this awesome book (the Bible) try keeping only the things most pleasing to you,and the things that make your heart dance,and the things that make you happy that you read it.
Well i hope this helps bye for now.

FurryFace FurryFace 56-60, M 9 Responses Mar 22, 2012

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I agree heartfully...:)


You seem a very thoughtful man...:.)

If I replace the word Bible for the word People...perfect for me, and I agree.

not sure what you mean by that

I meant I´d replace Bible by the sense that there are people who make it worth while being around them...and there are others who just make us go bad...I usually try to forget about the ones who hurt me and keep in mind those who made me feel well...

yes its people and the living that God invests his time and effort in and those that believe in his word and perhaps even those that don't

While I do agree it has everything- by no means is it a salsad bar. "I'll take a little bit if this... Nope don't like this... Yup take this..." Simply becaus wit is the word of God. But otherwise- well said. :3

actually i wanted you to read the one titled conscience counciling

Ooooh I just read your features one

yeah i noticed , lol

BLEH can u link it? I can't find the sort button!

It won't let me read it it says its restricted ):

hang on , crap ! , i'll try to find out why , i thought i changed that already for another young person

Also it won't let me comment on the other story. What I was going to say is you are very blessed!'n

ok try it now

Nope doesn't work

ugh ! why ? *checks out accounts settings again*

maybe it takes a while too register with EP , i put it so it should let younger people see my stuff

It still won't work. (???) Just copy paste its content and message me. :)

good idea , ok give me 2 minutes

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Very well said FurryFace.

thanks , i don't why it says i love listening to good music and singing , singing ? ha ha ha makes me laugh

Very well put and when I go back and look at some of the responses to one of my posts, that is so true. One response did upset me, but then I read yours and it made me laugh.

thanks , me too , i can't sing worth a crap

Totally agree and you are clever in the way you put it. : )

thanks Zedda

Amen. Correct. True. Agree.


Very good advice. I think many do this, but they don't always acknowledge that they do---and that it's okay. ;)

a lot of it is about perception