i love listening to madonna. i love dancing to madonna. i think her music is great. i think holiday is my favorite but i love vogue too. i loved her the minute i heard her music!

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Thanks my friend-shes great!

Thanks my friend I appreciate ya!

Madonna the Queen of pop ! yes ! Yes ! she is my all time favorites . Never a day goes by that I too do not boogie to her music . Ever go to Madonnaliciocs . com ?<br />
xxxo LCW <br />
<br />
My #1 fav women ever yummy ;)<br />
* Cheers Flour * dance ! Dance ! and sing !

Thanks ladies you guys rock!

i love madonna, as well! i love her "you must love me" from evita... oh, and 4 minutes! haha

Like a Prayer is one of my favs and love the silly video. Love the older stuff but not the new ones too much.