Madonna - The Power Of Goodbye (hex Hector Remix)


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3 Responses Mar 6, 2010

I bet her sex life has slowed down a lot though. I couldnt ever see her being old. I bet her thighs snap together as good as ever. I was never into girl singers except maybe stevie nicks in Fleetwood mac but Madonna is a cut above isnt she. When she married sean Penn I knew it wouldnt last. I mean she would be called Madonna Penn! I have turned all my mates onto her when before they was strictly come head bangers. They either liked her or they went down the lift shaft. Heads banging as they went. I suspect that she might be noticing her vagina fat is maybe beginning to hang down a bit. Thats the first sign of ...... well of having a baggy fanny basically. I should know. I dont know why but I should know..... shouldnt I. I talk in real life like that yer know. When its wrote down it sounds a bit weird but when my face says it well it sounds ****** great! No one can confuse, entertain, insult and generally get on peoples nerves more than I can when the mood takes me. never allow you to get bored thats for sure. Great! See ya!

I love her every since she first came out. She's my favorite singer. I find the older she gets, the better she becomes.

i see u posted a few vids,some of my fav is "this use to be my playground" " la isla bonita" and "like a prayer"