I Love Maddona

I listen to all Maddona's music through her time from the start when I was a teenager,  I think my favourite album Is Bedtime stroies as it is sexy and sensual......

If anyony here knows her or any one that would, I would like to too...........     


Thank you    :)

jesterjarhead jesterjarhead
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3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

I don't think I have heard her frozen album, I have Imacculate, Music and Bedtime stories which just about cover's most of her song's, I know not all but I shall look out for Frozen tomorrow morning.. :)

Rain oh yes as I was reading what your message I could hear her singing rain..... I lay in the dark just with a good set of headphones and listen to bedtime stories and all the others I only have three cd's but |I think ik cover's most..... She has thing's to say and say's it so well, like she iws saying it to me.... but she's not she is saying it to you girl's and she know's what she is talking about.... ;)

OMG....Madonna is my favorite....and the first Cd I ever bought of hers was Bedtime Stories ..and I still have it! Take a Bow, Human Nature, Secret, & Dont Stop....My faves!!!! Plus I love her older music (I know dorky) and everything she has put out since then.....Have you ever heard her song "Rain" ....another fave.