I Loooove Movies!

I'm not as crazy about music. I guess I've listened to all my favourite music so much that I'm sick of it and I just like listening to new stuff or sometimes some really good tunes from way back that I just haven't heard in awhile. But movies, I love movies! I'm always down for watching a new flick. Some days, I can watch movie after movie until I go to sleep. Breaking for food and pee breaks. Seriously though, nothing beats a good movie. So bdly can't wait till I'm racking in the dough and can become a producer! :)

CourtGatekeeper CourtGatekeeper
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2010

um i dont know, i have lots of favourites. and to update this story...i listen to music a lot more now. i think it was just because i didnt have any new songs downloaded, but i recently downloaded 50 song. current fave: Mariana's Trench - Beside You & Hedley - Perfect !

me too..i mean movies that have some spark u know lyk great acting or story....really i love....now a days my fav is "the dark knight"..<br />
what's yours??