Turn Up The Music & Pump Up The Volume

When there's a song on the radio that I like, my first reflex is to turn it up!

Whether it be a slow mushy love song, an acoustic guitar solo, some head banging rock tune or even that Nutcracker christmas song.  If it's a tune I like, I always make it louder.  I want to hear ever note, every guitar rift, every subtle background change...  I start humming along, singing out of tune or dancing around the area.  Music makes me feel so alive!

  • In my car while I'm driving
  • In my friend's car and I'm in the passenger seat
  • At work on my headphones
  • On my computer when playing music

On Youtube.com, I've made several different playlists of 200+ songs and oh yeah you know I like to listen to it loud!  It's better than listening to the radio.

To me, loud music doesn't just mean loud, intense Metallica music.  It can be a beautiful harp solo or Fergie singing something.  If I like it, I want to hear it loud.  Not BLARING loud, but yes, turned up.

SignedLove SignedLove
41-45, F
3 Responses Feb 21, 2010

and today more than a year later, I STILL feel the same way. PeACE EvERYBODY! TuRN IT UP!!


That's cool. =) Music makes me feel alive too. I love a variety, and I love the details in a song too.