My Music

i love music, especially old music. it takes me to far off places that i've never been to physically. it helps me to time travel. it takes me to a time when it was played like i was there! and yet when i listen to some of it it sounds like de javu. it comes in types of sounds. it could be a bird singing (dove signalling the end of day), a record from the 60's playing on the radio. or it could just be a sound that triggers off some memories about some incident. and it doesnt have to be in a language that i understand. I remember listening to a song for 2 years that had such a great melody. i only got its meaning when i visited its country of origin. I just love listening to my music.

I listen to all kinds of music, jazz, bues, gospel, kwela, traditional, rap, country, r n b, soul, house and of course museve/sungura. Some of it cant even be categorised. lol

I love listening to my music.
gotsy gotsy
Jun 25, 2010