"if You Can Call That Music."

I've touched on my love with music before.in some of my writings. I am a Dead Head and we sure do. But I didn't get into them until my teenage years. Prior to that i was rocking out to Elvis. Herp Albert and The Tijuana Brass. I sang in the choir where I learned to love harmony and learned enough music theory to pick my way through a Treble or Bass Clef. My first actual album I bought was The ButtHole Surfers. A punk band. I don't know if i really dug their music (I was more old school Agent Orange or The Sex Pistols when it came to punk) My real love was melodies. Due to my exposure to the theater, I knew all the lyrics to Oklahoma, Music Man, Chorus Line
The King And I, etc..

And then there's the Dead. I'm still in the process of downloading all the shows I actually attended. I try to listen to a show a day. And now it's all about the jam bands I missed and whiny chick music. I love Keller Williams, Lily Allen, Jem...

Anything but country. If The Bellamy Brothers or Kris Kristofferson didn't write it or play it, it wasn't really country to me.
johnnybliss johnnybliss
41-45, M
Aug 1, 2010