I Find Myself Different ( I Just Love God So Much)

MY name is Ola. I am a 16 year old girl who love God with all her heart. Each day when i get the time i would send bible messages,etc ( good messages) to my friends are talk about him so that they can move close to god,pray to him and just believe in him. To be thankful for than to worry about . WE must go trough the storm to appreciate the sunshine! I want them to really take god serious and to know that he is forever by our sides. He will bring us comfort in our fear and peace that will abide. 
My friends would look on a person and judge them but i don't see the point of laughing when i know by heart that a person would look at me and laugh or even tease me for no particular reason ( it is so ironic) as the sun which give us light but in the end it can burn us to death.
Jayola Jayola
18-21, F
Apr 28, 2012